PGS Secure

We provide complete solutions to your security needs; from assessment to design and implementation.

Welcome to PGS Secure

Hotel Solutions

PGS Secure offers a range of access control systems from the cost-effective, stand-alone wireless networked systems to RFID networked electronic lock solutions, that enable operators to remotely program and audit their entire hotel from centralized terminals at the front desk and the security office

Business Solutions

Create a safe enviroment for your business with PGS Secure access control and time attendance systems. Our team will help design a system to meet your specific requirement

Home Security

We ensure your peace of mind with our security devices working 24/7 and remotely monitored from our remote alarm monitoring stations 365 days a year.



A well designed and implemented CCTV Surveillance system can go a long way in preventing crime and also in the investigation of crime. We supply specialized backup power to give you uninterrupted recording and monitoring

Electric Fencing

Keep intruders out of your property with our professionally installed electrified perimeter fencing with tamper alarm, remote control and solar power 

Access Control

Being able to monitor who has access to your building not only ensures the security of lives and property, records are also useful in case of fires and emergencies. Also our integrated systems provide accurate data for payroll and employee attendance.

Power Inverters and Solar

We supply a wide range of solar panels and inverters to suit your needs. Please check our online shop or speak to one of our consultants for a more tailored recommendation.

Automatic Gate

Add style, class, luxury and convenience to your home and business at affordable rates with our gate and door automation. All our systems are supplied with backup batteries and solar panels for uninterrupted power supply.

Contactless Hotel Locks

RFID Hotel locks add tremendous value to your investment and gives you more control and easy management with our unique Hotel Management System. All locks are standalone and are equipped with state-of-the-art fail-safe system for highest security without compomising the aesthetic value.

Who we are

PGS Secure is an independent firm of highly skilled corporate security consultants. We deliver various security services to a wide range of organisations and government agencies in Nigeria. We provide a complete solution to the physical security needs of our clients from assessment, to design and implementation.PGS Secure works directly with several product manufacturers from all over the world to ensure that the right products are delivered to our customers for the best quality at the most affordable rates.